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The Dropified Retro Pro Lifetime Plan

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Retro Pro Lifetime Plan

For dropshippers who want dropshipping tools without the monthly fees.



ONE-TIME Payment

  • Unlimited Orders
  • ​Unlimited products
  • Sell on FB Marketplace & e-commerce platforms
  • Auto Fulfill from eBay, Alibaba, AliExpress
  • ​List products from 50+ retail platforms
  • ​3 store integrations
  • ​Rapid ordering with the AliExpress/ Alibaba API
  • ​Organize product research with Product Boards
  • ​Automate pricing markups
  • ​Community support
  • Unlimited Orders
  • ​Unlimited products
  • Sell on FB Marketplace & e-commerce platforms
  • Auto Fulfill from eBay, Alibaba, AliExpress
  • ​List products from 50+ retail platforms
  • ​3 store integrations
  • ​Rapid ordering with the AliExpress/ Alibaba API
  • ​Organize product research with Product Boards
  • ​Automate pricing markups
  • ​Community support

Here's A Detailed Breakdown Of Everything Included With Your Retro Lifetime Plan

Each One Of The Tools Below Saves You Either Time Or Money & Lets You Focus On What Matters In Your Business!

1. Add Products In Seconds

(value: $120 /year)

Quickly add products to your online store* from Alibaba, AliExpress, eBay and 50+ other supported sites.

Or, start out by listing products with the new Facebook Marketplace lister.
* Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, CommerceHQ, GrooveKart, Facebook Marketplace

2. Place Unlimited Orders, Automatically 

(value: $360 /year)

No more copy and pasting order details. Easily send them right to your AliExpress, Alibaba and eBay suppliers.

Place multiple orders to AliExpress and Alibaba in one click. Don't waste time placing orders manually. Place 100's of orders in a minute.

3. Sell Your Products For FREE On Facebook Marketplace

(value: $600 /year)

In addition to your store(s), you can easily list and market the same products you have on your store to the additional channel of Facebook Marketplace and still dropship the products! Access huge amounts of FREE traffic or very affordable options to help market and sell your killer products.

4. Find, Import and Edit Unlimited Products

(value: $420 /year)

Easily import new products from 50+ vendors. Edit product details, remove backgrounds, and make them unique or custom to your selling platform all within Dropified. You can also edit the product's images directly within Dropified and have the updates saved instantly to your selling platform.

5. Rapid Ordering API + Tracking Numbers Are Automatically Sent To Your Customers

(value: $120+ /year)

Dropified processes orders extremely fast with our Rapid Ordering API for AliExpress and AliBaba, saving you time and money to spend elsewhere. When your product is shipped, Dropified can automatically sync with your supplier and send the tracking number to your customers.

6. Organize Product Research with Product Boards

(value: $180 /year)

With Custom Product Boards™, you can now save the killer products you discover to Dropified product boards with one click for easy category management, similar to how you would use Pinterest.

7. Product Import Templates

(value: $60 /year)

Product Import Templates save you time and reinforce brand messaging, by allowing you to create custom product description templates for any product that you import with the Product Connector™.

That's not all! Keep Scrolling!

One Click Sourcing™ - (value: $120/year)

With Vendors like AliExpress or the world's largest wholesaler ALIBABA (which probably sells 80% of all of the products you see on Amazon), you can add most products' images, descriptions, wholesale pricing and more with one click.

Product Connector™ - (value: $120/year)

The Product Connector™ is powered by our unique Chrome extension that utilizes APIs to connect products that you want to sell. Test and validate potential winning products from the best marketplaces (AliExpress, AliBaba, eBay, and more) on your favorite Ecommerce platforms.

Dropified AliExpress API™ - (value: $360/year)

This powerful Application Programming Interface, which is a software intermediary, allows AliExpress and Dropified 2.0 to talk to each other. This means you can completely eliminate the need for a Chrome extension. Orders will be processed incredibly quickly, and tracking information will automatically sync to Dropified via API without any manual action.

Alibaba Dropshipping™ - (value: $120/year)

We developed a full partnership with Alibaba that is specifically designed for dropshipping, so you can also test and validate new products one at a time. Let this partnership handle all the logistics to prove and validate just how AWESOME your newest sourced product is before you make bulk purchases.

Default Shipping Options™ - (value: $60/year)

Save time and reduce errors by specifying your desired shipping option as the default for order processing. In addition, if you need a different option for certain products, you can also override the default shipping option within Dropified’s ProVariant™ options.

Advanced Product Editor - (value: $120/year)

The Advanced Product Editor gives you control over all of your product information to create the best listing possible. Customize your product’s title, write high-converting and compelling product descriptions, manage and test customer pricing, and add your product tags to make your catalog management easier.

Product Archiver™ - (value: $60/year)

Want to revert to your supplier’s original product description? Now you can with the Product Archiver™. Save the original product information inside the Dropified Portal so you can always reference it later whenever you’d like.

Product Image Editor™ - (value: $180/year)

Edit product images directly within Dropified and have the updates saved instantly. Add text, remove supplier logos, adjust image brightness and contrast, crop and add effects with just a few clicks.

Custom Product Images™ - (value: $120/year)

Want to use an external image editor to create custom or lifestyle images? No problem! Easily upload your own images to product listings to make them pop with your own designs and branding.

Instant Image Downloader™ - (value: $60/year)

Download your favorite product images so you can post them to social media or make adjustments on your favorite editing platforms.

Order X-Ray™ - (value: $120/year)

Order X-Ray™ is a dashboard that provides an overview of your customer orders. View and control all your important customer order information from one place. In Order X-Ray™ you can easily search or filter by status, date and more.

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Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee comes with a 'no questions asked' refund policy. If you're not saving time & money in your business using Dropified, we'll refund you your money back!

Dropifieds Top Dropshipping Tools for a One-Time Payment Of $997 $297 ...Never Be Charged Again

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