Ready To Sell Like Crazy?
How To Pick the Perfect Product
How To Pick the Perfect Product
With Super-High
Profit Margins...
With Super-High Profit Margins...
AND Attract Hordes Of Customers Who Will Buy From You Over and Over Again

WITHOUT Stocking Inventory OR Spending A Dime In Ads!”

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The Golden Goose Challenge Starts On Dec 2nd...

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In This Episode, You'll Learn...

The REAL story on Rachael’s story and how she became a multi award-winning Global marketing expert
From being a Teacher to Global Marketing Expert

The MUST-HAVES on Social Media when Building a Brand
Answering Most Common Social Media Questions for New Brands!

The #1 Technique to Use that MOST PEOPLE FORGET when Building a Brand
Don’t forget to use this #1 Technique when launching your next Brand!

Bonus Offer and Giveaway!
From Creating Your Own Brand of Products to Learning How to Market them using these strategies, we have
2 AMAZING Deals for Our Listeners today!

About Rachael Phillips
She’s an entrepreneur providing Digital and Creative Solutions to companies around the UK and around the Globe.
Rachael Phillips is a multi award-winning Global marketing expert recognised as the ‘go to’ person when it comes to growing and establishing a brand in the market place. A Global and recognised influencer who has built a large following across many well established social platforms.
 She understands what her clients are looking for when it comes to their brands and she's able to meet it in creative, unique, innovative and dynamic ways. She helps create moving and engaging stories and dialogue that’s worth sharing in a meaningful, authentic and genuine way.
 She is an award-winning Global Marketing Expert who has helped hundreds of local, national and international clients achieve new levels of success through innovative product and brand launches, creative digital and social marketing campaigns backed by influencer’s mark of approval.

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